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Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK 6.70 (Unlimited Money)

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK is a sports game where you have to collect cards to build your deck.

Download (87M)
App Name Smoq Games 22
Size 87M
Latest Version 6.70
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID com.smoqgames.packopen22

  • Unlimited Money

  • new cards
  • new season
  • bug fixes

About Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener is a popular sports game with more than a million downloads. You have to build an ultimate card deck and participate in tournaments and squad challenges to compete with other players. There are many packs in it, and we are also providing extra packs so you can open them and collect powerful cards.

When you have collected enough valuable cards, you can try to sell them to other players to earn packs and coins and strengthen your team. You have to make sure you have the best squad to win matches against your friends. But selling your valuable cards is also a great option to acquire more resources.

There are many packs, and the game keeps on adding many more. You can collect powerful cards along which badges can be used in multiplayer battles and sold to other players. You have to build your squad by inviting your friends or forming a connection with other players and completing challenges to improve their skills.

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK

There are many online tournaments and matches that you can join and play with your friends. There are a lot of position change cards in it which you can use. You have to complete daily challenges and missions to get rewards. It would help if you focused on achievements, records, and statistics to earn a lot of resources and become rich in it.

Many super packs provide compelling cards, but secret codes can only unlock them. You can also play mini-games to get some more rewards than multiplayer battles. We have also offered unlimited money and much more in it for free. So download its latest version now.

Smoq Games 22 Unlimited Money APK

Build Your Deck

Creating your deck full of cards is the essential thing of Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK. You can choose to open a wide range of packs that can give you many different cards. You can use those cards to compete with other players in multiplayer battles.

Your deck can be full of cards of all types, powers, and sizes, as you will need all of them. Along with the cards, you must also collect badges that prove your professionalism. You can also create your jersey to make your character look better.

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener MOD APK Unlimited Money

Sell Your Cards

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener has a transfer market where you can put all your cards and pack for the show to be purchased by other players. You can use this strategy to get rich in a short time and avoid getting messed up in battles.

You can also invite your friends to buy your cards. You can sell all types of cards and items like battle cards, position change cards, and much more to get valuable.

Build your Squads

You must create your team using its squad builders and participate in several building challenges to strengthen and power up your squad. You can also make a draft and invite all your online friends to compete with each other in that.

You can also compete in Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener online matches and tournaments to improve your skills and win rewards.

Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener Download

Missions and Events

There are plenty of achievements, records, and statistics in Smoq Games 22 Pack Opener for you to explore and complete. It will provide you with a lot of rewards and prizes. There are many missions and events which give you daily tips in it.

You have access to the total player’s database and even the secret codes of super packs, which give even more powerful, rare, and valuable cards. You can also play a lot of mini-games in it to earn more rewards.

Credits: Smoq games (Owner & Publisher).

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