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Specimen Zero MOD APK 1.1.1 (MOD Menu, God mode/Unlocked all)

Specimen Zero MOD APK (MOD Menu, God mode) is an action game where you are kidnapped and left in an unknown place where a horror creature follows you and has to escape.

Download (144M)
App Name Specimen Zero
Size 144M
Latest Version 1.1.1
MOD Info MOD Menu, God mode/Unlocked all
Google Play ID

  • Free Shopping
  • God mode
  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Ulimited Energy
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Speed Up
  • No Ads

  • new season, maps, monsters and skins
  • bug fixes

About Specimen Zero – Online Horror

Specimen Zero is a popular action and enjoyable horror game with more than ten million downloads. The game starts when your character is kidnapped and wakes up at an unknown place where a monster with spider-like legs keeps approaching and searching for you. You have to escape from it.

You can use unlimited bullets to keep shooting at the monster and make it go away. You are in a vast building filled with secret rooms, horror hospitals, labs, and more which can give you immediate goosebumps. You have to solve puzzles and collect items to escape from the place and avoid the scary monster for good.

Specimen Zero MOD APK

The monster has adorable ears, so it can easily reach and kill you if you make loud noises. You can also play it with your friends where you have to plan your escape in multiplayer mode. You have to unlock all characters so that it will be fun playing with them.

It provides you with terrifying and adventurous gameplay. We have also offered unlimited money and many more features for free. So download Specimen Zero Mod Apk Latest version.

Specimen Zero MOD APK MOD Menu

Explore Various Locations

The horror hospital in which you are in Specimen Zero Mod Apk has been abundant for a long time and contains a lot of dead bodies and zombies in it. It also has a lot of secret labs where different experiments are done. You get no ads, so you can explore without getting distracted.

Specimen Zero MOD APK Premium Unlocked

You have to explore the entire area with a strong will and face all the challenges that arise in your way. There are many complex levels, but we have provided unlimited everything, so there’s no limits on how far you can explore.

We have provided unlock forest map, so you must check it out and defeat the monster there.

Specimen Zero MOD APK God Mode

Solve Puzzles

There are many unique puzzles in Specimen Zero, which provide you with challenges and rewards for solving them. You have to find the best and safest way to complete all the tasks and challenges.

You can solve puzzles and collect items which can be helpful. You have free shopping so you can get all the things you need. You have to learn your lessons, give answers according to your opinion, and win the game. You also have the speed-up feature to complete everything efficiently.

Specimen Zero MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Multiplayer Gameplay

You can play with your friends and players from all over the world in Specimen Zero. You can work together with each other and prepare your winning strategy. Share your experiences and work together to create a better force than the one that the monster fears.

You can use the mod menu to win the game quickly and show your skills to your friends. Using unlimited ammo to defeat the monster is a very impressive move you can perform.

Specimen Zero MOD APK Unlimited Ammo

Horrific Graphics

Specimen Zero provides you with gameplay full of horror elements and graphics. You will have no issues with the pictures in it. All the images in it are incredibly sharp and high quality.

You can play in the god mode to take full advantage of its graphical settings. There are many levels in it, so you can use the unlimited energy to complete all of them.

Specimen Zero MOD APK Unlock All Characters

Credits: Café Studio (Owner & Publisher).

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