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Spotify Premium MOD APK v8.9.4.304 (Final, Unlocked, Amoled)

Spotify Premium MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is popular music and audio app where you can stream songs from your favorite artists.

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App Name Spotify
Size 94M
Latest Version
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID

  • No Root
  • Paid Unlocked
  • Modded
  • Offline Download
  • Very high-quality music

  • New updates
  • bug fixes
  • System improvements

About Spotify

Spotify Premium is a popular music streaming app with more than a billion downloads. You can play and listen to millions of songs from your favorite artists worldwide. You can play them in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. Along with the songs, you can also listen to popular podcasts like Joe Rogan and more.

You can create your playlist and add your favorite songs and podcast to share with your friends and other users on the app. You can find music for every mood, genre, and activity like happy, sad, love, gym, romance, pop, hip hop, rock, etc. You can stream them on multiple devices like mobile, tablets, PlayStation, Laptop, and more and sync them.

Spotify Premium APK

Start building your music collection with songs from artists worldwide. You can stream all the music and podcasts for free and even download them to play offline anywhere. There’s a dedicated playlist for everyone. You start getting similar song recommendations on your home screen as you create your playlist.

All the latest Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other songs can be found in the new releases section. There are hundreds of millions of music on it so that you can find your desired one in every genre. Discover your feed with all the new and trending songs from all over the world. It has top charts internationally and even country-specific, so you can browse them.

It would help if you searched for your favorite artists, and all their songs will appear on the screen, and you could choose from them. We have provided all the paid features for free. So download Spotify Premium APK Latest version now.

Millions of Songs

It provides you with hundreds of millions of songs that you can enjoy in the app. You can play songs in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. You can find all your favorite songs, artists, and albums in it. You can start building your music collection with pieces from every genre, mood, and activity like gum, happy, sad, hip hop, pop, rock, romantic, etc.

You can stream all types of music you like with a single click.


Form your playlist and check out others in a search. Check the popularity of playlists through the likes and dislikes on that. A playlist can contain up to a hundred different songs and podcasts. Create your mood special or day special playlist and share it with others on Spotify MOD APK. Anyone on the platform can access your playlist, and you earn likes from it.

Each playlist can be composed of songs and podcasts along with several other features being added.

Explore Popular Podcasts

With millions of songs, you will also have access to the most popular podcast like the Joe Rogan Experience, Ranveer Show, Impulsive and more. You can stream the latest episodes from all of them and get notified when new episodes are released.

Play on any device

Spotify has not limited itself to any platform like android and Mac. You can use it on almost all the popular OS like android, iPhone, Mac, Linux, and windows. For other devices, you can use an android emulator for using Spotify. With a single Spotify premium account, you can play on up to 5 devices. Maybe it’s a tab, android device, or any other device. Thus, one Spotify premium account can be used for an entire family.

Great Playlists

You can create your playlist and add your favorite music and podcasts to share it with your friends/family and other users of the app. Similarly, you can also get ready-made playlists by other users and start streaming directly. You can search for them in the search bar and click the like button to show your respect for their efforts.

You can also add those songs to your playlist and do minor tweaks.

Easy to Use UI

Spotify provides a user-friendly interface where you can access all your favorite songs and podcast with a single click. Its inbuilt audio player offers advanced features like speed adjustment, synced lyrics, 15 seconds forward/reverse, night mode, shuffle, repeat, multiple device playing, and more.

Spotify Premium MOD APK Download

Credits: Spotify is offered by Spotify Ltd so, full credit goes to them for sharing this audio streaming app with us.

3.5/5 (153 votes)

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Your Fans
The title should be v8.7.64.478, not v8.7.66.534
Reply -
Arsene Tuyisenge
Been yearning for the new version until today...thank youuuu... I will let you know any disappointment but for now everything is going good with your APK
Reply -
In mod info it says offline download works but it doesn't 😒
Reply -
Works perfect. Thanks
Reply -
Adam Conway
Adam Conway
glad to know that
Reply -
I have used 3 different downloads. Still I do not have the premium version when I sign in. It asks me everytime I sign on if I want premium $9.99. Am I doing something wrong. Should I use a brand new profile?
Reply -
there is an error when you try to share a particular song with canvas "on" to instagram stories
Reply -
Love the Spotify mod works really well..but more often than not, it shows login error.
Reply -