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Stepsister Shock MOD APK v3.1.11 (Free Premium Choices)

Download Stepsister Shock MOD APK (Free Premium Choice) for Android to get all the paid features for free and make wiser choices with your stepsisters.

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App Name Stepsister Shock
Size 54M
Latest Version 3.1.11
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Google Play ID studio.genius.stepsister2

  • Free Premium Choice

  • Bugs fixed

About Stepsister Shock

Stepsister Shock is an anime simulation game where you share your life with your stepsisters. The gameplay starts when your mom tells you she will get remarries and you are pleased. You are very excited when you know about the man because he already has three daughters. Now comes the best part, one of his daughters you have already known since your childhood and has developed a crush.

You share your day-to-day life with them; you guys dine together, fight each for a TV remote, and take the first bath. But you have more to gain than to lose, and you can see how beautiful your stepsisters are. They are more of a blessing than a curse. You gradually interact more deeply with them and form a deeper relationship.

Stepsister Shock MOD APK

Connect on an emotional level and feel all emotions and explore exciting situations. All the characters are anime-based and designed by the top animators, so they look lovely and perfect. Every day you will have to make important choices that will later influence your life. Our mod version provides all the premium choices unlocked for free. So download it now.

Stepsister Shock APK Latest Version

The name of your stepsisters are Miri, Kiko, and Yayoi, and all of them has their unique personality, and you have to interact with all of them. You will first meet them at your mom’s wedding, so I wish them luck. All of them are equally beautiful. It will be awkward for everyone as you will be meeting for the very first time. So have patience and get to know each other well.

Amazing Storylines & Choices

You will be sharing your day-to-day life with your sisters, so you must cooperate with them and make all the necessary decisions. The good part is that they all secretly like you and compete with each other to get your attention, affection, and trust. At the same time, don’t forget to form meaningful relationships and kick start your story.

Think about it; you spend your entire life with them, so developing feelings are natural and not even related by blood. Know all of their strengths and weaknesses and at the same time let them study yourself so you can make your move at the right time.

Stepsister Shock APK Free Download

Meet Your Stepsisters

Each of your stepsisters has many unique qualities. So here is everything you need to know about them.

Miri: She is your childhood friend who has known your family and others for the longest time. You have secretly had a crush on her. But she has complicated feelings about you and your family, so you have to win over her. She seems to care deeply about you but is not sure whether as a friend or something more.

Kiko: She and the other sister name Yayoi are fraternal twins. But both have opposite personalities. She is an exemplary student who is quite an introvert and spends a lot of time thinking before talking or texting. She loves her previous mother, so it will be challenging to trust the new family. She doesn’t open herself up to everyone so easily.

Yayoi – She is very extroverted and has plenty of friends at school. She will motivate you to cheer you up even in your darkest days. Her countless energy portions get her into a lot of trouble but always bounce back. If you get inside her head, you may be able to find the reason why she is always positive and motivated.

Download Stepsister Shock MOD APK

Share the Same House

You all fours live in the same house, so there’s nothing you can hide. Open yourself to each other unleash your deepest desires and secrets. Know each other on a more intimate level. Make wise choices and enjoy your life. You are attracted to all of them as they are gorgeous anime girls designed by top animators. At the same time, they, too have a crush on you.

So you guys need to work on your relationship like grown adults to live happily and peacefully.

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Credits: Genius Studio Japan Inc. (Owner & Publisher).

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