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Stick Cricket Live MOD APK v2.1.7 (Menu/Always Perfect, Unlocked)

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest cricket news. The app provides users with a live feed of cricket scores, as well as news and commentary from around the world. The app also features a live chat function, which allows users to connect with other cricket fans and discuss the latest matches.

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App Name Stick Cricket Live
Size 174M
Latest Version 2.1.7
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Diamond
Google Play ID com.sticksports.stickcricketlive

  • Unlocked All Stadiums
  • Always Perfect Hit
  • Auto Hit

About Stick Cricket Live

Stick Cricket Live is a game where you play cricket. You compete against other players to see who is the best. You can win rewards and unlock new players with different skills.

Play cricket with other people in real-time. You can play in different stadiums that look realistic.

Play this all-new, fast-paced cricket game to see if you can beat your opponent. This game was awarded the Best Competitive Game (India) award from Google Play.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK

Stick Cricket Live’s game features include:

Play cricket shots to outscore your opponent in a one-on-one cricket game.

Play cricket games in different stadiums from all over the world.

You can earn new bats and bowling line-ups by playing cricket in 2022.

You can increase your chances of winning cricket games by upgrading your bowlers. This will help you choose the best players for your team and win more matches.

In Stick Cricket Live, there are competitive cricket leagues. Win prizes by finishing at the top of the league.

You can play cricket games with Facebook friends to see who is the best.

Choose your 3D character’s name, appearance and country before your next multiplayer clash.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Unlimited Money and Diamond

Switch to Cricket Online

In Stick Cricket Live, you can play cricket. This game is good for a lot of people because it is simple to understand. You only have to control a few things, and you don’t have to worry about a lot of characters. You just have to hit the ball at the right time.

The character and the ball will appear on the screen in a third-person perspective. There will be two arrow buttons on the screen that controls which direction the character’s ball goes depending on where it is pitched. You will know if you hit the ball well or not when a bar appears. The camera will change depending on where the ball goes.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Updated Version

Face Off 1vs1 Match against Players

In Stick Cricket Live, you will play against another player in a 1vs.1 match. The other player will be the batter, not the bowler. When you hit the ball, it will go away and the other player’s red ball will come. Whoever’s ball goes further will get more points. The person with the most points at the end wins.

You need to think about a lot of things in order to get the most points. The indicator on the notification bar after each shot tells you where your shot is most accurate. If you hit the ball in that spot, then it will have a positive effect on your score.

When you make a successful shot, you want the ball to fly off the field and sometimes fall in the stands. If you miss or hit it too early, the ball won’t go far. So it’s important to pay attention and be accurate with your shots.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Auto Hit

Unlock 3D cricket stadiums from all over the world

Cricket is a rapid-fire game of sight and speed. The object for each team player, whether bowler or not to get as close to the ball as possible before releasing their arm movement. Which will cause an exchange between two teams when one side misses its target by just few inches.

I can’t wait until 2023 when three new 3D stadiums unlock – Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh), Dubai worldwide cricket academy indoor stadium & mandate fields England south Africa tri sovereign university ground.

Unlock 3D stadiums from all over the world and play multiplayer cricket games in venues that are local to you. A new app will allow users to unlock content such as digital maps, player skins etc.

Stick Cricket Live MOD APK Latest Version
4.3/5 (46 votes)

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