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Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK v1.3.142 (Unlimited Money, Free Shopping)

Super Pixel Heroes is a delightful game that combines exciting graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a wide array of characters to choose from.

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App Name Super Pixel Heroes
Size 102M
Latest Version 1.3.142
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping
Google Play ID com.reliancegames.superpixelheroes

About Super Pixel Heroes game

Whether you’re playing in story or arcade mode, the action-packed battles will keep you on your toes as you compete against other players for the ultimate prize – becoming a Super Pixel Hero.

Players can customize their own unique hero with special abilities and skills to give themselves an edge during battle, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to this classic video game.

Players are placed in a beautifully detailed pixel world with a dynamic story, where they must use their bodies and various weapons to battle against enemies.

With gameplay reminiscent of classic arcade fighters, and new modern RPG elements, players can create their own hero and explore this excitingly unique landscape.

Every fight won or lost has a direct effect on the power of the character, allowing players to continually upgrade their hero and build up an impressive arsenal of weapons.

Feel the excitement as you map out your strategy amidst enemies within the magical pixel environment of Super Pixel Heroes.

Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK


If you’re looking for an intense and exciting adventure, it’s time to join the ranks of Super Pixel Heroes. In this revolutionary 3D game, players can collect legendary heroes from all corners of the world to form a powerful team.

A brilliant array of characters from multiple genres are available to choose from – superheroes, spacecraft pilots, wizardry students, and even medieval knights.

Crafting a well-rounded squad presents an immense tactical challenge that will test your strategic skills in exciting new ways.

Whether you’re fighting off hordes of monsters or taking on rival teams around the world, you’ll find plenty of thrills when playing with Super Pixel Heroes!


Super Pixel Heroes just recently released a hilarious new feature! Players now have the ability to use various comical finishers when taking down opponents.

Whether it be repeatedly smacking them with a hammer, wailing on them with an old-fashioned tennis racket, or dressing up as a taco and using your finest of cuisine as weapons, these finishers are sure to give you and your opponents some hearty laughs.

Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK Free Shopping

With updated graphics and incredible animations, getting through the battles with ultimate hilarity has never been easier. So join now and start unleashing your own one-of-a-kind funny finishers in Super Pixel Heroes.


Uncover the powers of your favorite superheroes in Super Pixel Heroes! Immerse yourself in a classic 8-bit world and assemble a team of heroes to clash against your enemies.

Unlock explosive new abilities and unleash powerful combos to defeat your opponents. You’re sure to have hours of goofing around and fun with this dynamic RPG game.

Show off your strategic and creative skills as you level up, upgrade weapons, use unique items, and craft special outfits for your characters – no two games are ever the same.

Download Game Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK

Download Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK to set out on a heroic quest – unleash your special abilities now.


Super Pixel Heroes is an engaging online game that tests your skills and strategic maneuvers as you unravel powerful champions with magical abilities. Boasting a captivating 8-bit pixel art style, the game incorporates a vast selection of heroes each with their own unique powers and stats.

Beat your opponents by unlocking special attack combos to swing the battle in your favor.

Unlocking more powerful champions gives an extra edge to dominate more difficult missions and uncover hidden secrets while progressing through hundreds of challenging levels.


Gather your friends and embark on an adventure playing the new game Super Pixel Heroes! With colorful characters and exciting tasks, you will have hours of enjoyment as you collect pixel heroes.

You can customize each avatar to create a unique gaming experience that you won’t forget.

Super Pixel Heroes Hack APK

The vast range of levels and missions will challenge even the most experienced gamers, making this an ideal game for players of all ages.

Unlock rewards that offer exciting upgrades as you progress through the game and tackle new challenges on your quest to amass an unrivaled collection of pixel heroes!


Super Pixel Heroes is an action-packed adventure game for the modern age. It contains an amazing array of pixelated characters, weapons, and special abilities – but that’s not all.

In order to fully experience the grandeur of Super Pixel Heroes, players will have to take part in completing quests and unlocking special reward crates. These crates come with a wide variety of rewards that help enhance their gaming experience.

As players progress through the game they unlock more powerful capabilities, skills, and weapons – while also obtaining rare goodies found in these reward crates.

Super Pixel Heroes 2022 MOD APK Unlimited Money

All in all, Super Pixel Heroes offers a truly engaging and rewarding experience for those seeking thrill-filled adventures.


Super Pixel Heroes offers some truly crazy and outrageous moves that you won’t find in any other game. From furiously fast spinning kicks to monstrous energy blasts, this game will test your skills and challenge you every step of the way.

Not only can you rise up against your opponents with powerful abilities, but you can also make them go wild by performing flashy acrobatics that make for an electrifying show.

Download Super Pixel Heroes MOD APK

It’s a perfect balance of strategy and spectacle, so get ready to crackle the competition with some crazy moves.

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