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Tales of the Rays MOD APK v5.4.6 (Damage & Defense, God Mode)

Tales of the Rays MOD APK is an RPG game where you have to integrate yourself into the main story of the “Tales of” series with all of its original characters.

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App Name Tales of the Rays
Size 114M
Latest Version 5.4.6
MOD Info Damage & Defense, God Mode
Google Play ID com.bandainamcoent.torays

About Tales of the Rays

Tales of the Rays is a popular action RPG game with more than five hundred thousand downloads. You have to recreate the original story in the game by adding your twist, as it also provides you with the digest mode of the popular series and the vast update.

You have all the original characters in the main story of “Recollection Mode,” which are designed by Kosuke Fujishima himself. Moreover, you also have to focus on damage & defense, as your opponents will constantly be attacking you.

To stop this, we have provided you with god mode, including various other free features. So download its latest version now.

Tales of the Rays MOD APK

Amazing Story

Tales of the Rays provides you with a fantastic story where you have entirely new scenarios unlike any other which you have seen in other RPG games. Moreover, all of them are by Takumi Miyajima, who has worked on “Tales of the Abyss” and even “Tales of Symphonia.”

You can also enjoy crossovers from various editions of the “Tales of” series and have characters from all.

Tales of the Rays MOD APK Download

Attractive Characters

All the characters which appeared in any edition of the “Tales of” series can be found in the game and are played by gorgeous voice actors. Moreover, earlier, the characters who could not control like Daos, Barbatos, and Mithos, were now controllable.

There are more than two hundred and fourteen characters in the series combined, and it features every single one. The game also keeps adding more characters one after another, so you never get bored.

Tales of the Rays MOD APK For Android

Original Theme

In the digest mode, you have all the previous characters and many more characters designed by Kosuke Fujishima. Moreover, many new and advanced characters designed by Mutsumi Inomata, Daigo Okumura, and Minoru Iwamoto are also coming.

The gameplay provides an original theme and a fantastic experience, unlike any one you have ever seen.

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