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Teaching Feeling APK 3.0.23 Latest (English Version) Download

Teaching Feeling APK Latest (English Version) is an NSFW game where you have to engage yourself in love stories and have a feeling for the victims.

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App Name Teaching Feeling
Size 440M
Latest Version 3.0.23

  • Mega
  • Full Game

  • bug fixes and improvements

About Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling is a popular NSFW game with millions of downloads. You have to date hot girls as you get more depth in love stories and also attach to emotions to them. You can learn more about those girls and connect with them better.

We have provided the English version so you can play it even if you are not a fan of anime. Each story has many characters with unique lifestyles, so you have to form good relationships with all of them.

You can choose your lifestyle of being the victimizer of the victim. You will have more feelings and attachments to the victims than ordinary girls. Each girl will bring new light to your life.

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Teaching Feeling APK

Amazing Dating Simulator

Teaching Feeling takes the dating simulator to a whole new level as you meet with hot anime girls, and instead of a simple date, you have to deal with all the most complicated situations.

The storylines are unique and emotional, so you can connect with the characters deeper and enjoy your relationships. There are many characters with memorable scenes which will get closer to your heart.

Your girls must feel protected near you, and you must do all the fun activities with them to attract them.

Teaching Feeling APK MOD

Attractive Anime Girls

Teaching Feeling game provides you with hundreds of high-quality and beautiful anime girls you can take out on a date and have fun with. Each has her own story, and you have to interact with them for a better relationship.

Some girls have been victims of violence, but you can calm them down with your charm, love, care, etc. She is scared, which has deeply affected her looks, but everything can be brought back to normal.

If you don’t care enough for girls, you can never have a good relationship with them.

Teaching Feeling APK Cheat

Connect on an Emotional Level with the Girls

Emotions are a vital part of Teaching Feeling as you need to have them in girls so they can genuinely feel and depict affection towards you. Use them to attract girls and make them crazy for you.

Develop the good feeling of love, care, and affection in girls with your good caring habits so that she can be yours, and your relationship with her improves. Each girl has her problems, but you can help her overcome them.

As your relationship grows, you can feel a deeper level of affection and support with them.

Teaching Feeling APK Latest Version

Meet the Girls of Your Dreams

You must choose the costumes you like for girls to present a particular emotional response. However, you must try to get that response from her naturally instead of forcing it through your choices in Teaching Feelings.

Each dress will unlock romantic or emotional actions from her, so you must choose wisely. You can also take their photos and collect other memorable items. You are in charge of her happiness, so don’t let her down.

There will be many bad experiences in your relationship, but you have to stand firm and let them all pass up. You can create your future. You have to make choices to present your love to her.

Teaching Feeling APK Download English Version

How to open and play the Teaching Feeling Game?

  • Open it > go to menu > skip storylines.
  • wait for a minute.
  • go to menu > skip storyline for one more time
  • then an auto option will appear on the menu so click on it
  • The game will start

Credits: FreaklingCharming (Owner & Publisher).

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2.9/5 (69 votes)

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