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The Wolf Among Us MOD APK v1.23 (All Episode Unlocked)

The Wolf Among Us MOD APK is an adventure story game based on Eisner comic book series and contains many characters which keep on getting killed, and you are the only one who can solve this mystery of the big bad wolf.

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App Name The Wolf Among Us
Size 764M
Latest Version 1.23
MOD Info All Episode Unlocked
Google Play ID com.telltalegames.fables100

About The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is a popular adventure and story game with over five million downloads. It’s from the creators of The Walking Dead and is based on a famous comic book series. It has many fairytale characters who get killed by a big bad wolf.

It’s an interactive story game, and you are here to investigate the murders done by the wolf. You have to discover the murder plots and make choices to unravel them. You have to complete various decisions in each step of the game, and it will determine your overall outcome.

We have also provided you with all episode-unlocked features, so you will never miss out on any part of the game. So download its latest version now.

The Wolf Among Us MOD APK


The Wolf Among Us is the story of a wolf, and you have to play its character as you are placed under an investigation for murder in Fabletown. Moreover, there is a private community where many fairytale characters are present, and the real murderer hides among them.

The game is a story mode, and there are five episodes in which you have to solve unique cases and bring justice.

The Wolf Among Us MOD APK All Episode Unlocked

Amazing Graphics and Characters

The Wolf Among Us has eye-catching and attractive graphics, giving you an anime-like feeling as you join the underworld. It contains eroded buildings, haunted creatures, and scary old furniture.

Moreover, if you have read the book, you already know its characters. However, its characters include creatures, victims, culprits, and more.

The Wolf Among Us MOD APK Android 12


As you move on with your investigation to catch the murderer, you will meet many criminals who carry deadly weapons with them. They are armed with loaded guns and can fire within a second.

However, you are blessed with unique strengths to defeat them.

The Wolf Among Us MOD APK Download

Make Choices

The game’s storylines and plot are based on Eisner’s famous Fables comic book series, where you have the role of a main character who can make various choices to change the story entirely. Your character must enter different situations where all that matters are your decisions.

So you have to think wisely as it’s a life-and-death scenario for you, and even a single mistake will completely change the plot.

3.5/5 (12 votes)

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