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Unlimited Speed MOD APK v1.9.6 (Unlimited Points/Menu)

Unlimited Speed MOD APK is an action and RPG game where your character is a superhero, and you have to roam in a big city to complete all the missions and fight bad guys to win rewards and make it safer.

Download (99M)
App Name Unlimited Speed
Size 99M
Latest Version 1.9.6
MOD Info Unlimited Points/Menu
Google Play ID com.ns.unlimited.speed

About Unlimited Speed

Unlimited Speed is a popular action game with more than a million downloads. The city is full of thugs and gangs, and you have to fight every single one to make it safer. So you are armed with tens of powerful guns, grenades, and rocket launchers to assist you in your journey. You also have multiple outfits to customize your character and look like a pro player.

We have also provided unlimited upgrade points to upgrade all your weapons and improve their damage, fire rate, clip size, and more. You also have plenty of vehicles to travel around the city, including the giant monster truck, transformer, cannonball, and more. Moreover, you can also upgrade them to have more fun.

Unlimited Speed MOD APK

The game provides very smooth and customizable controls where you can adjust the position of different control buttons on your screen in settings and their sensitivity, size, and more. You can use its map icon to find the most rewarding places in the city and go there to fight foes and complete missions.

Maps have hundreds of locations with heavy loot and challenge to improve your action and shooting skills. We have also provided the mod menu features like unlimited money and more for free. So download its latest version now.

Customize Your Hero

Unlimited Speed provides you with over a hundred superhero costumes to choose from and become your dream hero from the comic books. You wear your suit every time and can’t take it off, but you can customize and upgrade it to several colors and give a dominating look.

Unlimited Speed MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

There are many suits, hats, helmets, gun skins, and more in the store for you. Use them to make over a thousand unique design combinations, make your character stand out in the crowd, and scare off your enemies from far away.

Huge City

You have a vast futuristic city in Unlimited Speed, and you can navigate to different locations using the map icon. You can move to other areas where there are many quests and missions for you to complete and win epic rewards.

There are also many street races in the city where you can participate and, on winning, earn money. Moreover, the game keeps adding new achievements and challenges so you can upgrade your skills and earn high rewards.

Unlimited Speed MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Upgrade Your Character

Your enemies are speedy to approach you, and once they come close to your weakness, you are dead. So you must upgrade your speeding skills to ensure they never come close to you. One way to tackle them is to run away and wait for the right time to attack. The cops, robot guards, gangsters, and soldiers try their best to get to you. But you can escape them with your light Speedrunning.

Unlimited Speed MOD APK Latest Version

Powerful Weapons

Unlimited Speed gives you tens of awesome weapons to fight bad guys in the city and bring peace and harmony among its people. The space station in the space has ties with thugs, gangs, and criminals, and you have to ensure justice in the city so they never get to rule it.

You can use all your sci-fi weapons to get to them and defeat them with just one hit. But ensure you are adequately equipped to use these weapons and upgrade them to improve damage, health, capacity, firing range, and more.

Unlimited Speed MOD APK Unlimited Points

Amazing Vehicles

Unlimited Speed has a monster truck, war robot, and cannonball to have a tough fight with your enemies. These vehicles are mighty and can move faster than light if you have to reach your enemies quickly.

As you are wearing your superhero suits in the car, there is no time dilation and dimension for you, so you are the fastest object in the universe.

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