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VALORANT Mobile APK v1.0.3 Download Free for Android

VALORANT Mobile APK is an action game where you have to arm yourself and battle foes.

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App Name VALORANT Mobile
Size 150M
Latest Version 1.0.3

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About VALORANT Mobile

VALORANT Mobile is a popular FPS shooting game that has just been released in under a year and has millions of downloads. You have to search various locations to find weapons and arm yourself to fight foes.

Earlier it was limited to PC, Xbox, Play Station, and other consoles, but now you can even have it on your android phone. You have plenty of gaming modes in it, so you can enjoy the game the way you want.

You get a wide range of weapons, including pistols, grenades, snipers, assault rifles, and so on. You can also use a lot of skins to add to your guns and outfits to make them look professional.

There are plenty of maps with unique challenges on which you can play. So download the latest version of VALORANT Mobile APK + OBB now.


Amazing Storylines

VALORANT gameplay is set on the scene of the world in the year 2053. There have been many disasters lately, and the world is still trying to recover from them as people still weep about the difficult days. All those events have severe consequences for society, and people’s thinking and characters have changed significantly.

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But still, humanity has not been destroyed, and many people have gained superpowers. No one knows how this happened, and people with abilities are now called Radiants. They have control of Ranianite in two groups. Those who have the power were purebred, and some people invented technology to insert this power into other humans.

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Tactical Gameplay

While you know that VALORANT is an FPS shooting game, it is unlike CS: GO or Mortal Combat, as it provides a lot more amazing features. Each character has the talent of their natural elements, which can be combined with firearms. The character skills do not depend on weapons, and they may have unique powers.

You must prepare your strategy and plan for battle before jumping into them. Your imagination is the best weapon, and no other gun can ever come close to that.

VALORANT Mobile APK Latest Version 2022

Best FPS Game

VALORANT has proved itself to be one of the best FPS games where you have to choose and customize your character in the first level. There are plenty of skills that your agents can learn, so you must view all of them to choose yours. Each character you choose will be for the match and cannot be changed in between.

You have to play in matches where ten players enter, and the strongest one wins it. There’s a bomb anywhere on the map, and you have to win before it explodes.

Weapons and Skills

VALORANT Mobile APK Free Download For Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VALORANT have a mobile version? 

Yes, finally, the time has arrived where it gets its mobile version as it has gained a lot of fans globally.

How to play VALORANT? 

You can open the game, and it will guide you step by step the first time you play it.

Can we download VALORANT on a mobile device? 

Yes, earlier it was available only for PC, but now you can also use it on mobile devices.

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Credits: Riot Games (Owner & Publisher).

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