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Very Little Nightmares APK + OBB 1.2.3 (MOD/Paid) for Android

Download Very Little Nightmares APK + OBB (MOD/Paid) for Android to get the full paid version/patched unlocked for free to complete all the puzzles.

Download (455M)
App Name Very Little Nightmares
Size 455M
Latest Version 1.2.3
MOD Info MOD/Paid
Google Play ID eu.bandainamcoent.verylittlenightmares

  • Full Paid Version/Patched
  • Paid Unlocked

  • bug fixes and improvements

About Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares is an adventure puzzle game where you enter a cute and creepy universe. You must help the girls dressed in the yellow raincoat and find a way to get the hero out of the horror house. She is left in an unknown, and you have to explore all of its rooms and places to protect her life; otherwise, she will be dead anytime.

Very Little Nightmares APK

The fate of her life rests in your hand, and you have to avoid enemies because taking them down will drain your strength and stamina. The only way to successfully get out of the house is to solve puzzles by matching pieces and unleashing secrets. The nest is a maze that is often filled with life-threatening traps. You have to explore numerous places.

Solve as many puzzles as possible by using all your wits and resources. This will earn you rewards and resources which can be later used for better purposes. Defeat all the enemies who are ready to do anything to capture and kill you. Keep fighting and try your best to survive till the end and win the game. Avoid all the traps in the mansion to break through easily.

Very Little Nightmares MOD APK

Explore its dark universe filled with many mysteries and rewards for you. Our mod version provides you with a full paid version/patch unlocked for free. So adownload it now.

Escape from This Mansion

A little girl in a tiny yellow raincoat is trapped in an unknown mansion, and now the responsibility of getting her out lies on you. Walk with her to the different rooms of the house to look for exits. Solve all the puzzles and mysteries of the mansion to get ahead. Complete all the missions and challenges to earn some rewards and resources to utilize them further in the game.

Very Little Nightmares MOD APK OBB

Solve Mechanical Puzzles

Everything wants to see her dead in the mansion, so you have to protect her till your last breath. It would help solve plenty of mechanical puzzles by matching all the alike pieces. These puzzles will open new and favorable doors in the mansion, which will help you escape along with the little girl. Moreover, they will also provide you with plenty of rewards and resources to prevent further damage.

Very Little Nightmares MOD APK Download

Enjoy the Game Offline

You can play this game offline. However, you will miss a few features like multiplayer gameplay, inviting friends, and so on. Another thing to notice is that you will get better graphics in online gameplay and communicate with your team. You will be ranked on the top player’s leaderboard and get plenty of rewards. But if you are more of a solo player, feel free to play in offline mode.

Download Game Very Little Nightmares MOD APK

Amazing Storylines

The gameplay offers you plenty of unique storylines. It starts in a haunted mansion where you enter to save a girl trapped. You can locate her via her yellow raincoat. She is terrified, and you have to talk to her, make her feel safe, explore several areas of the house to find exits. Meanwhile, you can also solve puzzles to give you a better idea of the mansion and all the places within it.

Very Little Nightmares APK Free Download For Android

Credits: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe (Owner & Publisher).

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4.5/5 (131 votes)

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