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Wild Tamer MOD APK v2.42 (One Hit, God Mode, Money)

Wild Tamer MOD APK is an RPG game where you have to create your kingdom and build your army of animals to fight with other players and show them you are the best.

Download (150M)
App Name Wild Tamer
Size 150M
Latest Version 2.42
MOD Info Menu/God Mode, Money, Resources
Google Play ID com.percent.wildtamer

One hit kill
God mode
Unlimited Money
Unlimited resources
unlocked all animals

About Wild Tamer

Wild Tamer is a popular RPG game with more than ten million downloads. You must create your kingdom and raise your armies to fight with other players and gain their loot. When you are a grounded master, you have to capture various critters. But to do so, you will need to train many battle cats, monsters, hybrid animals, and more to participate in pocket-taming games.

You have to fight with many monsters in the game, and once you defeat them, they will become your followers. You also have the support of an alpha wolf with an army to support and back you in battles and an army of pocket ants. You also have an unlocked all-animals feature, so you can use whichever animals you want in fighting.

Wild Tamer MOD APK

If you are skillful enough, you can go on to become a mystical dragon tamer, but before, you have to create an army of powerful animals and creatures. You can also play in the god mode, where you have unlimited resources to raise armies to battle wild animals and critters and upgrade the skill and abilities of your troops.

Your brother is in the land of octogeddon, and you must help him survive at all costs. You have to collect many creatures and materials to level up and upgrade your army with many new and powerful weapons and artifacts. So we have provided you with free shopping and many more features, so you can put up a good fight and not starve to death.

When you are in a place called badland, you will get to fight with many aquatic monsters to test the strength of your troops, and on winning, you will get many rewards. The more battles you win, the higher you rank in the leaderboards. We have also offered you unlimited money and many more features for free. So download its latest version now.

Wild Tamer MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Rise the Leaderboards

There are hundreds of missions, challenges, and quests that you can complete in Wild Tamer MOD APK to get more points. Moreover, you can also train your armies and participate in battles on different lands, places, and maps to gain points. As you play more and more, you will also collect many experience points, which will move you ahead in the leaderboards.

The more powerful, experienced, and skillful you grow in the game, the higher you rank in the leaderboards. They are the rankings of the game’s top players based on stats, and you have to work hard to get your name on the top.

Wild Tamer MOD APK Unlimited Resources

Many Monsters

There are many powerful monsters in Wild Tamer MOD APK that you can enlist in your army to make practical while you conquer different lands. These include potent animals like battle cats, dogs, alpha wolves, hybrid animals, and other monsters. If you are the wolf pack’s leader, you have a whole army to fight alongside you.

You can also challenge monsters; if you win from them, you become their master, and they will follow and obey you forever. Dragons are some of the most popular monsters in the game, but it’s tough to become a mystical dragon tamer.

Wild Tamer MOD APK Free Purchase

Battle in Different Styles

You can battle in many different styles in Wild Tamer, but you must have a proper strategy and plan to win battles. There are many places where you have to fight wars, like the land of octogeddon, badland, and more, and each of these requires a unique battling style and winning strategy as you have to face different kinds of monsters like the aquatic ones and more.

You also have access to many unique artifacts that are useful while you explore and play in various battle styles.

Wild Tamer MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Easy to Play

The gameplay of Wild Tamer MOD APK is straightforward to play and very interesting when compared with other RPG games. You have to create your kingdom and an army of powerful animals like cats, dogs, wolves, dragons, and more to fight alongside yourself in battles.

You can also upgrade them to increase their strength and make them more useful in battles to help you get your name on the top player’s leaderboards.

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