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WorldBox APK 0.22.21 Download for Android (Latest Version)

WorldBox is a simulation game where you can witness the birth of life on earth through various generations and see it prosper.

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App Name WorldBox
Size 132M
Latest Version 0.22.21
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Google Play ID com.mkarpenko.worldbox

About WorldBox – Sandbox God Simulator

WorldBox is a popular simulation game with more than ten million downloads globally. You are the god in it, so you hold the power to create life and see it prosper through several generations. You will witness the birth of magical creatures like sheep, lions, wolves, orks, dwarves, and much more. You will see the rise and fall of many civilizations throughout the process of life.

Since you are the god, you have the supreme power over anything you like, from acid rain to atomic bombs. You can build houses, roads, and other infrastructure to wage wars with other civilizations. This will help them survive, upgrade, and grow as an even more powerful civilization. Only the toughest of them will survive as the law is the survival of the fittest.

WorldBox MOD APK

You have the power to simulate various natural disasters which threaten the very existence of humanity, like volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, geysers, and more. It will also lead to the evolution of different creatures and can decide the fate of civilizations. You can either choose to help life prosper or dissolve it in a matter of time.

You can also craft a pixel world using hundreds of free tools, magic, and brushes. You have to use unique pixels for coloring your world, and the only limit here is your imagination. You can experiment on different creatures, powers, and more in magic world simulation. You can create the pixel world of your dreams.

You are the god, so you can create life, control it, and build or destroy civilizations of many mythological races. Moreover, you can play this game anywhere, anytime, as an internet connection is not required. You will also get all the premium features for free. So download its latest version now.

WorldBox Premium APK

Become a God

You are the god in the game, so you hold the power to do everything. You can create worlds with life forms in them, witness how life prospers, and many different creatures like humans, orks, wolfs, and more take birth. You will also see the rise and fall of other civilizations. You can choose to help them survive or destroy them yourself.

No civilization can survive without your help. So you are the ultimate decider of their fate.

Rule the World

You control the entire world. Plenty of new civilizations takes place and build massive infrastructures like houses, roads, bridges, and more. But you can easily dissolve them by bringing natural disasters like acid rain, nuclear war, tornados, meteorites, volcano, etc. So you are the one who rules the world with your fingertips.

You can also choose to make the world a better place by ensuring peace between the civilizations and destroying the bad ones.

Choose Your Hero

There are plenty of different creatures you can list in your armies and give them the position of a hero. You can choose the best based on age, skills, experience, level, mood, homeland, and other factors. All the character have their unique skillet and powers, which can be utilized in wars with other civilizations.

Unleash all their skills on the battlefield to destroy your foes.

WorldBox MOD APK All Unlocked Download

Write a Story

You can write your own story about the origin and prosperity of life. You can record how the essential cultures of the world ended. The law which will determine the fate of these civilizations is the survival of the fittest, and with it, you can witness the evolution in the living species.

Credits: Maxim Karpenko (Owner & Publisher).

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