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X-Plore File Manager MOD APK v4.34.09 (Pro Unlocked)

X-Plore File Manager MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is an app that provides a clean and intuitive interface for managing your files, whether stored on your device or on a remote server.

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App Name X-Plore File Manager
Size 14M
Latest Version 4.34.09
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
Google Play ID com.lonelycatgames.Xplore

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About X-plore File Manager

Android users have a lot of choices when it comes to file manager apps. But if you’re looking for an app that’s powerful yet easy to use, X-plore File Manager is a great option. X-plore provides a clean, effective interface for managing your files. You can easily browse through your folders, and the app supports various file formats.

Plus, X-plore includes some handy features like the ability to compress and extract files, view file properties, and even create shortcuts.

With X-plore File Manager, you can easily copy, move, delete, and rename files and folders. You can also view storage information and usage statistics, as well as a compress or extract ZIP files. The app also supports FTP connections, so you can easily transfer files to and from your computer. Overall, X-Plore File Manager pro mod apk is a great option for anyone who needs a comprehensive file manager for their Android device.

X-Plore File Manager Pro APK

Manage files on your Android device from your PC

The X-plore File Manager app makes it easy to manage files on your Android device from your PC. With this app, you can connect to your Android device over a USB connection and view, edit, and delete files on your device.

You can also use the app to transfer files between your PC and Android device. The app is free to download and use, and it works with most Android devices.

Built-in viewers for images, audio, text

The X-plore File Manager app allows users to view images, audio, and text files without opening them in a separate app. This is highly convenient for users who want to quickly preview a file without launching a particular program.

In addition, the built-in viewers provide some basic editing features, such as the ability to crop an image or trim an audio file. This makes the X-Plore File Manager pro apk an excellent choice for those who need to view and edit files on their Android device quickly.

Video player with subtitles

The X-plore File Manager app is a powerful video player with subtitle support. It allows you to easily play video files from your device’s storage, as well as manage and organize your video files. The app also supports subtitles, so you can easily add them to your videos and play them back in any language.

The X-plore File Manager app is a great tool for anyone who wants to watch videos on their devices, and it’s handy for those who want to watch foreign films or TV shows. With the X-plore File Manager app, you can easily add subtitles to your videos and watch them in any language.

WiFi file sharing

If you’re looking for an easy way to share files between your devices, X-plore File Manager is a great option. With this app, you can connect to WiFi and share files with other devices on the same network. The app supports multiple file formats, so you can share anything from photos and videos to documents and text files.

And if you have a lot of files to share, you can use the app’s batch file transfer feature to make the process even faster. Best of all, X-plore File Manager is completely free to use, so there’s no need to worry about any hidden costs. So if you’re looking for an easy way to share files over WiFi, download X-Plore File Manager mod unlocked apk latest version for android.

Access to FTP and FTPS

The X-Plore File Manager full apk provides access to both FTP and FTPS servers. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard file transfer between computers. FTPS (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is an extension of FTP that adds support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

To connect to an FTP or FTPS server using the X-plore File Manager app, simply enter the server address, username, and password into the appropriate fields. Once connected, you can view, upload, and download files from the server. The X-plore File Manager app also supports various other protocols, making it a versatile tool for managing files on your mobile device.

SQLite database viewer

Though there are many database viewer apps available, I’ll be using the X-Plore File Manager premium apk to view an SQLite database. The X-plore app is available for free on this page. Once installed, open the app and grant it storage permissions. Then, navigate to the folder where your SQLite database is stored. long-press on the database file and select “Open with” from the menu. Choose “X-plore” from the list of apps that appears.

The app will then launch the database viewer. From here, you can browse the contents of the database and run SQL queries. To run a query, simply enter the desired SQL statement in the text box at the top of the screen and press “Execute.” The results of the question will be displayed below. With the X-plore app, it’s easy to view and query an SQLite database on your Android device.

If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful file manager for your Android device, X-plore File Manager paid apk is worth considering. This app provides plenty of features and options to make managing your files a breeze, and it’s also completely free to use.

Credits: Lonely Cat Games (Owner & Publisher).

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