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XPlayer MOD APK v2.3.7.5 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

XPlayer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a great way to listen to music on your mobile device. With XPlayer, you can access your music library from anywhere, and create custom playlists to suit your mood.

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App Name XPlayer
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MOD Info Premium Unlocked, No Ads
Google Play ID video.player.videoplayer

About XPlayer

The XPlayer app is a great way to manage your music files. It has a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and play your music. You can create playlists, shuffle your songs, and even download album artwork. In addition, the XPlayer app supports major music file formats, making it a versatile tool for all your music needs.

You can also listen to radio stations from around the world, and find new music to enjoy. Plus, XPlayer includes a built-in equalizer, so you can fine-tune your listening experience.

Overall, the XPlayer Mod APK is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to manage their music files.


Ultra HD video player, support 4K

4K video is the latest trend in home entertainment, and the XPlayer app is one of the best ways to enjoy it. With support for Ultra HD video, the XPlayer app provides a stunning picture quality that is four times sharper than full HD. In addition, the XPlayer app upscales lower resolution videos to 4K, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in the highest possible quality.

The XPlayer app also includes a range of exclusive features, such as Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows you to watch two videos at the same time. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, the XPlayer app is the best way to enjoy 4K video on your mobile device.

Supports All Format

The XPlayer app is a media player that supports all popular video and audio formats. With XPlayer, you can enjoy your multimedia content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without having to convert it to a compatible format. XPlayer also offers high-quality playback of HD video files, and it includes support for lossless audio formats such as FLAC and ALAC.

In addition, XPlayer provides unlimited access to cloud storage, so you can keep your media library with you wherever you go. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or just enjoying some photos, XPlayer Premium Mod APK is the ideal app for all your multimedia needs.

XPlayer Pro APK

Keep your video safe with a private folder

It is important to keep your videos safe and secure, whether they are personal or professional. The XPlayer app can help you do just that by creating a private folder for your videos. This folder will be password protected, so only you will have access to it. Furthermore, the app will encrypt your videos, so even if someone were to gain access to your folder, they would not be able to view the contents. The XPlayer Mod APK is a simple and effective way to keep your videos safe and secure.

XPlayer MOD Pro APK

Cast videos to TV with Chromecast

Chromecast is a popular way to watch videos on your tv. The XPlayer app lets you cast videos from your phone or tablet to your tv. To use the app, simply open it and select the video you want to watch. Then, tap the cast icon in the top right corner of the screen. Select your Chromecast from the list of devices, and the video will start playing on your tv. You can also use the app to control playback, adjust volume, and more. Whether you’re watching a movie or a tv show, the XPlayer app makes it easy to enjoy your content on the big screen.

XPlayer MOD APK No Ads

Play video in pop-up window, split screen or background

The XPlayer app is a great way to play videos on your mobile device. You can choose to play the video in a pop-up window, split-screen, or background. The app offers a variety of settings to customize your experience. For example, you can choose the size of the pop-up window, the number of split-screen windows, and the background color. You can also control the audio Settings and choose whether to play the video in fullscreen mode.

XPlayer Premium MOD APK

The XPlayer app is a great way to watch videos on your android phone. Whether you want to watch a movie in a pop-up window or play a game in splitscreen mode, download XPlayer Premium Mod APK latest free for android.

Manage or share videos easily

XPlayer app is a great way to manage and share your videos. It’s easy to use and has a sleek interface. You can quickly and easily add videos to your library, and then share them with friends and family with just a few clicks. XPlayer makes it easy to keep your video collection organized, and you can even create custom playlists. Plus, the app supports all popular video formats, so you can watch your videos on any device. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to manage your videos or want to share them with others, XPlayer Mod APK is the perfect solution.

Credits: InShot Inc. (Owner & Publisher).

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