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Your Boyfriend Game APK MOD 1.0 Download Free for Android

Your Boyfriend Game APK is a simulation dating game where you hear a story of a guy who loves you and wants to stay with you.

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App Name Your Boyfriend
Size 144M
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info Free for Android

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  • bug fixes and improvements

About Your Boyfriend Game

Your Boyfriend Game is a Psychological dating simulation game with millions of players. Your character is a female who comes in contact with a male and starts a relationship. Your partner is controlling, unpredictable, and loves you very much.

But if you are not careful enough when interacting with him, it can become a psychological horror game filled with horror story elements. He does everything thing he can to depict his love towards you.

Apart from romance, it also covers chasing, kidnapping, and suicide, so you have to make unique choices, and it will determine your fate. You can free play it on your android mobile phone and Chromebook with no verification required.

We have provided the full version of the game and many more features alongside it. So download Your Boyfriend Game Apk Latest version now.

Your Boyfriend Game APK Download

Visual Novel Experience

Your Boyfriend Game APK MOD is a visual novel game where you have to navigate various situations using different techniques and complete the game. You have to make your own choices to get ahead.

Your choices will determine everything in it and provide you with an end, but that doesn’t mean it will be a good one.

Your Boyfriend Game APK For Android

Trust Your Instincts

There will be many challenging scenarios where you will need to think a lot before making choices; it can be the last one you make and damage your relationships. You will need to take enough stress before making significant decisions.

If you push away the man too hard, he may also kill you. If you bring him too close to yourself, there’s still a chance he will kill you. So you have to take balanced approaches and examine the situation properly in Your Boyfriend.

Your Boyfriend Game APK No Verification

Plenty of Choices

Your boyfriend has tens of stories and hundreds of chapters, so you have a lot of choices to make so your relationship life can be satisfied. When you are offered multiple choices, there’s also a time limit, so you must make your move within it.

The storylines may also encourage you to take uncomfortable steps as you don’t like the man but still can’t resist supporting him. You don’t have a lot of freedom if you make the wrong choices.

Your Boyfriend Game APK Free Download

Social Interaction Game

The Your Boyfriend Game provides you with a lot of room for social interaction with other characters, the essential male character. It brings new light of hope to the male harassment issues.

You have to interact with many guys and keep them around for a long time. The game is also not made for kids as it can disturb them, so you must keep it out of reach from them.

Your Boyfriend Game Full Version

Credits: Your Boyfriend (Owner & Publisher).

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