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Youtubers Life MOD APK 1.6.6 (Unlimited Money)

Youtubers Life MOD APK is a simulation game where you are a famous YouTuber with a huge fan following.

Download (562M)
App Name Youtubers Life
Size 562M
Latest Version 1.6.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Google Play ID com.uplayonline.youtubers

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlocked All Channel

  • New Sets
  • New seven different styles
  • added cloud save
  • new season
  • new piper reactions
  • waiting times

About Youtubers Life

Youtubers Life is a popular simulation game with hundreds of thousands of downloads. You will live life as a popular YouTuber who has millions of fans worldwide, and your videos have gone viral. You have to lead your day-to-day life as a famous star. You have to create a specific theme for your channel. You will become an influencer who has to manage time productively.

You have to take care of your time and daily routines and upload videos frequently to your channel to keep it growing. There will be your supporters and haters who comment on your videos, so you have to deal with all of them. Gaining followers will be difficult, but your track with a start increases as time passes.

Youtubers Life MOD APK

You must create your channel logo or avatar using various hats, hairstyles, and shirts to dress up your character with the latest fashion trends and modern clothes. You also have to manage your money and avoid making unnecessary purchases. Every coin you save is an asset for you and moves you one step closer to becoming a millionaire.

You can choose any theme of your channel, including fashion, cooking, gaming, music, and more. You can also become a video vlogger and take some tips from other influences, but you have to be ready for all types of responses to your videos. You have to develop your psychic and spend your resources wisely so you don’t run out of them in your time of need.

Youtubers Life Gaming Channel MOD APK

You can simulate your life and live like a social media star. Going viral is comparatively easier than taking all the necessary responsibilities of being one. If you stop uploading videos, you may lose subscribers. You can go shopping and customize your avatars in any way you like. You can manage your channel and edit videos from your studio. We have provided unlimited money and more for free. So download its latest version now.

All Types of YT Channels

You can start working on all types of YT channels.

Fashion Channel: You have to design your clothes and review various fashion trends and help people choose what’s best for them. Soon you will attend popular fashion events and interview top models. You may also get featured for your views in the top fashion magazines.

Youtubers Life MOD APK Unlocked

Cooking Channel: You are a chef and upload your favorite recipes and teach people to cook step by step in your videos. You can also edit those videos and make the food look even more delicious. Soon you will work in one of the best restaurants in the world and learn from top influencers.

Gaming Channel: You can record the best gameplays, and others will become your fans. Make videos about games, consoles, PC, laptops, and other gaming devices to get the most views. You can also criticize other gamers for gaining traction.

Music Channel: You can make a video about your favorite artists and even upload covers for their songs. Soon you will play live in front of thousands of people.

Youtubers Life MOD APK Unlimited Money

Customize Your Avatar

The first step of starting a YT channel has a good avatar. You can grow more popular in your niche with an avatar your audience can associate with you. It would help if you matched it with your audience, like having a gamepad or other gaming accessories in the avatar for a gaming channel, a musical instrument for a music channel, a kitchen appliance for the cooking channel, etc.

Manage Your Channel

You have to manage your channel and your money to make suitable investments. You can follow other blogs, channels, and social media profiles to take tips and implement them in yours. But as you grow, there will be a lot of hate comments, so you have to learn to deal with them. You will become a social media star, so you have to act like one and take all the necessary responsibilities.

You have to upload videos frequently and edit them from your studio.

Credits: UPLAY Online (Owner & Publisher).

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