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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 7.7.2a (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK is an adventure game where you have to train hundreds of dragons and help them grow their power.

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App Name Dragon Mania Legends
Size 190M
Latest Version 7.7.2a
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Gems
Google Play ID

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited All

  • Bug fixes
  • improvements

About Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK is a popular adventure game with more than fifty million global downloads. You have to reach Dragolandia, an island where hundreds of dragons live, and train them. You have to create a team of legendary dragons and breed them with one another to make even more powerful ones. Train them to increase their strengths through battling in different worlds.

It would help if you started building a dragon city where all types of dragons can meet with each other and relax peacefully. You can customize your islands with buildings and decorations. Take care of your dragon pets and compete in mini-games to win gold and rewards. You can send them to the magic school to help control their skills and learn new abilities.

You have to love your dragons and help them mate with one another to give birth to new species. You can breed and upgrade new dragons to help them reach their highest levels. You can help them achieve higher lands through intense training. You have to wage wars with the Vikings to take back your village and lead a peaceful life.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK

It has season events, weekly events, weapons, quests, and more to make your dragons more capable. Turn your dragons into a warlock who will never kneel or stop. Play on different islands and worlds to unlock specific missions which will help you upgrade your dragons unleash their power to the highest point possible. The magic portals allow you to merge dragons.

Choose your team to clash against other dragons in the arena. Teach them new fighting skills based on their abilities. Make the legendary warriors at the dragon school and evolve them into heroes to excel in battles. We have provided unlimited everything, so you will never run out of any resources. So download its latest version now.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK Hack

Battle & Collect Dragons

You can play different mini-games with your pets, including feeding, breeding, cuddling, and taking good care of them to get gold and other rewards that will boost your team. Please send them to the magic school to unleash new abilities, powers, and skills. You can decorate your island with valuable buildings. You will get plenty of exclusive diamonds and limited-time events.

Merge two or more dragons to make new species with more powers and abilities. There are hundreds of different dragons, and you can keep creating new species with them.

Explore the World

The dragon land is the best place for them to grow up as they have access to their kind. With their magic, you can reach higher leagues, levels, and other islands. Earlier the Vikings have overtaken some of your villages, so you have to take them back and build a home for your dragons. You can also create new types of dragons to create your own story.

There are hundreds of events, weapons, quests, and more to turn your dragons into warriors.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Expand Your Collection

You have to complete many missions on different levels, worlds, and locations to upgrade your dragons. You can also go through the magic portals to merge two or more dragons to create a more powerful one. Each battle won will add to your experience and improve the fighting skills of your dragons. Collect all the essential items ad merge different breeds of dragons.

You have to recruit your team members and clash against your opponent’s monsters in the arena to become the best dragon master and win a lot of rewards.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Fight for dragonkind

Enroll your dragons in the academy to work on their fighting skills and teach them awesome attacks and tactics. Teach them new skills and level up their powers in the dragon school to evolve them and combine passions with other dragons to create miracles on the battlefield. You can also make new friends and visit their island to exchange gifts.

Chat with them to discuss the best strategy and win matches.

Credits: Gameloft SE (Owner & Publisher).

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4.7/5 (33 votes)

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Alhazir S INDAL
How to download this game.
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Thank you for this superb game!
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Aparna Kundu
I love this game because you can get infinite gems every time you update dragon mania legends game version, it makes the gameplay more enjoyable than original game.
Reply -
Jorelle horca
Yes master
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