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Facebook Lite MOD APK v391. (Premium Unlocked)

Download Facebook Lite MOD APK – Pro/Premium Unlocked – for Android to get infinite likes, no need to load, increase followers, and more.

Download (2M)
App Name Facebook Lite
Size 2M
Latest Version 391.
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Google Play ID com.facebook.lite

  • Unlimited Likes
  • GB features
  • Unlimited Follower
  • Dark Mode Enabled
  • Pro/Premium fully Unlocked
  • No Ads (Ad-Free)

  • Bug Fixes & Improvement

About FB Lite

FB Lite is a small version of facebook loaded with less data consumption to save your storage space. But you will get all Facebook features in it, such as dark theme and more to connect with friends and family.

Share your daily lifestyle photos/videos with near-dear ones and get many likes on them. Chat with them using emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more.

Update your status and inform your friends about your life. Interact with new people around the world for free with it.

We have provided mod features like GB features, see photos without load, infinite likes/followers & more in it. So download the Facebook lite latest version from this page for free.

Facebook Lite MOD APK

Connect with Friends & Family

Please search for your dear ones in it and browse through the list of available names to find them. You can also fetch your contacts, and Facebook will automatically recommend those who use it.

Send a friend request, and if accepted, you will get notified of any activity on your friend’s account. You can also view their status, photos, videos & more.

Interact and know about events & businesses in your area with the help of Facebook. You can also join your favorite groups to get exposure to your favorite content like memes, videos, and more.

Facebook Lite Pro APK

Instant Messaging

Message your listed friends and use emojis, stickers, GIFs, and more things in the chat to make it more exciting if you are a member of a Facebook group, you can also post your messages there.

The funnier and valuable messages you post, the better you will get.

Facebook Lite MOD APK No Load

Advantages of Facebook Lite

The Facebook Lite app just got a whole lot easier. The new and improved version of this lightweight, low data consumption mobile site will let you keep up with your friends faster than ever before.

  • No more waiting around for slow connections or crappy internet – now when they post something cool on their page, it’s available in the palm of your hand right away.
  • Streamline communication by sending messages back and forth between friends (or family members) without worrying about WhatsApp loading.

Watch Thousands of Videos

Facebook is the second most popular video streaming platform after YouTube. So you get a huge list of videos on it in every genre and category.

You can also share them with anyone you want quickly.

Facebook Lite MOD APK No Ads

Buy & Sell in it

You don’t need to build your website to sell/buy goods/services. You can upload your advertisement in the Facebook group, news feed for free and let the people interested contact you.

Customers can also add a review of your products, motivating others to buy from you. It’s an excellent platform for all social interaction.

Facebook Lite MOD APK Dark Theme

All Types of Content

Facebook has all types of content from entertainment to informational. You can get knowledge about anything you want in it. However, you should beware that there are many false sources so it has fact-checkers.

Get Latest Updates & News

It has all types of news like politics, sports, international, internet and many more. There are reliable sources like Hindustan Times, NY Times, & more to provide accurate information.

Facebook Lite MOD APK Dark Theme

CreditsMeta Platforms, Inc. (Owner & Publisher)

Visit to download mod apps & games for free.

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