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FiLMiC Pro APK 7.6.3 (MOD Unlocked) Download

FiLMiC Pro APK is a photography and video app used by filmmakers, newscasters, teachers, and others.

Download (196M)
App Name FiLMiC Pro
Size 196M
Latest Version 7.6.3
MOD Info MOD Unlocked
Google Play ID com.filmic.filmicpro

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Full Version

  • bug fizes and improvements

About FiLMiC

FiLMiC is a photography and video app with hundreds of thousands of downloads. It automatically adjusts itself to the best settings depending upon your device’s capabilities. It’s one of the most advanced cinema video cameras for android devices. It has been used in professional video projects by award-winning directors and top creators like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, John Legend, etc.

Its mainly used by filmmakers, teachers, newscasters, vloggers, and artists to shoot high-quality videos in actual LOG gamma curves. It gives you more excellent flexibility and tonal range in your videos using its dynamic range, which can be expanded with your camera system and device capabilities. You can also use many cinematic films looks to capture a cinematic aesthetic without having a timer.

Use various video effects and filters to create the perfect HD camera. It provides you with all the necessary tools to begin making and adjusting videos to share with your friends and family on different social media platforms. Time magazine editors’ choice award has given it the title of the best app of the week by Google Play Store.

There are thousands of other features it offers to list it one of the best video apps for android. We have provided all of its Pro Unlocked features for free. So download it now.

Main Features

  • You can use the dual arc standard controls for adjusting the focus and exposure in videos/photos.
  • The zoom rocker controls make it easy to zoom in and out.
  • Balance the white light and another aspect of your video using the custom presents.
  • The user interface is straightforward, so you can use custom content management to record, customize, fine-tune and upload your videos without any difficulty.
  • Ad your favorite clips to a custom list to access them anytime, anywhere, and have them stand out among other clips.
  • You can also upload and share multiple batches of videos at a time.
FiLMiC Pro APK Unlocked

Standard Features

  • It has various shooting styles for beginners, intermediate, and professionals of all skill levels. So you can choose between manual, hybrid, and standard modes based on your deck.
  • You can also choose different orientations for your video, like portrait, landscape, or any other mode depending upon the type of video.
  • Amazing zooming features.
  • You can choose the frame rate of your videos like 60, 120, 240 FPS, and more. However, it depends on the hardware of your android device.
  • Use speedy customization effects like slow and fast motion to retouch your videos,
  • Apart from speed, you can adjust the time in videos using the lapse mode.
  • You can use ti stabilization feature, which helps you reduce noise in the area.
  • You can even adjust your video setting after recording, which helps customize colors, saturation, exposure, tint, and even contrast.
  • The videocam provides you with many more features.
FiLMiC Pro APK For Android

Premium Features

  • You can customize the lights concerning the highlights and shadow fixing features.
  • You can customize the saturation with vibrancy, RPG, and more adjustments.
  • You can use different Gama curve controls like Dynamic, LOG, Natural, and Flat.

Credits: FiLMiC Inc. (Owner & Publisher).

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