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Free Fire Headshot MOD APK 1.98.1 (Aimbot/Auto Kill/Fly, Hack)

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App Name Free Fire Headshot
Size 383M
Latest Version 1.99.1
MOD Info Aimbot/Auto Kill/Fly, Hack
Google Play ID com.dts.freefireth

About Free Fire Headshot

Free Fire Headshot is a popular action game with over a billion downloads. The game starts where you have ten minutes of matches and fifty other players are on an island, and only one among them will win the survival conquest. You can choose the point you start on the map by jumping from the plane with a parachute.

Moreover, with time the safe zone starts approaching, where all players have to gather to fight with each other. It would help if you traveled across a vast map and even hid in the wild while waiting for your foes to appear. You can also become invisible by hiding behind rocks, grass, and bushes.

The best thing you can do is to hide from players and snipe them from a very long distance so you can cause maximum damage and they can’t quickly get to you. Multiple gameplay modes exist, and you can even use the Aimbot/Auto Kill/Fly Hack to win every match.

You can also team up with other players and play together to win. You can also perform many strategic combos and activate the kill mode to get ahead of your competition. We have also provided you with VIP unlocked, MOD Menu, and many more features for free. So download its latest version now.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK

Survive till the End

You have to strive to be the last man standing as soon as you land on the island, and you can do this by collecting powerful weapons, taking down foes you have in your sight and looting them, staying in the play zone, and preparing a winning strategy. You can also find hyper loot and super weapons in the airdrops but beware, as you can find enemies coming for them too.

The gameplay is relatively fast; each match ends in about ten minutes and starts with fifty players on the ground. As time passes, new safe zones emerge, the playing area decreases, and you have to put your skills to the test.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK Hack

Prepare Your Team

In Free Fire, you can prepare your squad of up to four members and communicate and guide them through the text and voice chat options. When one of you gets knocked out, you can also revive them so they return to the match instead of returning to the lobby.

You can play on multiple game modes, which include 4v4 squad matches, solo vs. squad, solo vs. solo, solo vs. duo, duo vs. solo, and many more, as per your choice.

Free Fire Headshot Fly Hack MOD APK

Amazing Graphics and Controls

Free Fire provides better graphics than most other battle royale games for Android devices. Its smooth graphics will give you the best action shooter and survival experience of any other game.

The controls are straightforward to use, and you can also customize their locations, size, and sensitivity on the screen as you want so you can have the best two-finger, three-finger, and even four-finger gameplay to trounce your foes.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK Aimbot
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