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Google Assistant APK v0.1.474378801 for Android

Download Google Assistant APK - Latest version - free for Android

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App Name Google Assistant
Size 1M
Latest Version 0.1.474378801
MOD Info Many Features
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We’ve added shortcuts to make it easy to launch Assistant actions. Long press on the Assistant launcher icon to try them out.

• Expanded support to Android L and Android tablets
• Bug fixes and improvements

About Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a popular virtual assistant for Android devices. You can command or order it to perform any task on your android device. It makes your work easier by doing it within less time as you need to speak your job.

Everyone cannot hire a personal assistant, so here comes the Google Assistant APK to help you out, which is a free download for android. You can use it on your android device to get the most work done in a limited time. You can call, search or navigate through your device with the app.

Over the years, Google has kept improving it, and thus it has crossed more than a hundred million users globally.

Google Assistant Cover

Get the Google Assistant for hands-free.

It is always there to help you whenever and wherever you are in need. Start by saying ‘Hey! Google’ and then manage your schedule and perform all your essential tasks with just your voice.

Play music and videos with your

You are consuming content is what we all do each day, from videos and movies to music. Open all of your favorite Podcasts, music, and videos right with your voice using the google assistant app. You can also skip songs and adjust the volume with your voice.

Stay in touch with hands-free calls, texts, and emails.

It makes it even easier for you to connect with the world as earlier you used your hands, and now you can do that by using only your voice. You can make calls, send emails and read text messages only with your voice.

Get quick directions and local info.

Earlier, you used to open Google maps and look for directions. But now you can tell Google Assistant, and it will give you suggestions instead then scrolling to Google maps. It makes your work and location finding more accessible and convenient.

Search the web and get quick answers

Earlier, you used to type in your questions to get results from the web. But now, you can voice type and get the answers to the invoice message. It helps you automate your process and quick response.

Credits: Google LLC developed and published this app. So, full credit goes to them for sharing the great personal assistant app with us. You can contact them through [email protected].

Google Assistant APK
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