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Google Chrome APK for Android TV v120.0.6099.230

Google Chrome APK - Latest version - free Download for Android. And start using your favorite browser with all the pro features like adblocker and privacy protection for free to have safe and secure web surfing.

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App Name Google Chrome
Size 235M
Latest Version 120.0.6099.230
MOD Info AdBlock + Privacy Protection
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About Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most popular web browser on both android and desktop. The best part is that it’s so addictive with tons of its features that make it better than almost every other web Browser. But nowadays, Google has been trying to spy on people. So it would help if you took adequate measures to protect your privacy. But first, let’s take a close look at the popularity of the Google Chrome Web browser.

It has more than a billion downloads on the Play store, and it’s also reported that it gets billions of searches daily for sure. So it’s by far the best and most popular web browser on all the platforms.

The Google Chrome APK we provide for Android comes with all the premium features like Unlimited privacy protection and AdBlock to help save your privacy online.

Google Chrome Poster

Browse fast and type less

Get the most popular search results by just typing a single word there. It will help you apply less effort in typing and quickly get the results. Moreover, you can use voice search even to lower the effort.


Adblocking is extremely important because many people are evil or filled with trash ads. Some of the ads even ask you to download an app on your device. So this ad block features to protect you from all the ads like push ads, popup ads, and much more.

Privacy protection

There are many privacy measures taken here to protect your online privacy. Some of the include when you visit a webpage without an SSL certificate, you will get a notification that it’s is not secure. Moreover, you will also get an incognito mode to do private web browsing.

All your favorite content, one tap away

You get to access all your favorite types of content right on the home screen of your browser. You can choose to filter those results as you want. It will help you to skip the browsing time and get quick results.

Google Chrome Screenshots

Credits: Google LLC made and published this app. So, full credit goes to them for sharing this secure web browser app with us.

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