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LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.172.0 (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod, free craft)

LOST in Blue MOD APK is an action game where your flight crashes on an isolated island, and you have to gather valuable items to craft weapons and survive there.

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App Name LOST in Blue
Size 1.30G
Latest Version 1.172.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu Mod, free craft
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About LOST in Blue

LOST in Blue is a popular action game with over ten million downloads. The gameplay starts when you are on a plane that crashes on an island and must collect valuable resources to make weapons and tools. You also have the free craft feature to build your weapons and tools quickly.

You also have to build shelters and houses to deal with the island’s nature, climate, and weather. It would help if you survived all the natural obstacles like volcanoes, freezing glaciers, wild animals, etc. So you also have the mod menu to get everything you need to stay.

Moreover, it would help if you also dealt with zombies and other militias aimed at killing or taking away your resources by crafting powerful weapons. You have free shopping and a move speed multiplier to get all the guns and other valuable items you need to fight them and win.

We have also provided you with unlimited money and many more mod features for free. So download its latest version now.


Multiplayer Gameplay

LOST in Blue is a multiplayer game where you must compete with another player worldwide or form friendships with them to gather resources and win. On the island, you must fight with other players who want to steal your resources.

Your characters have various levels with increased powers and abilities, so you must upgrade them to reach your full potential. It’s entirely up to you to fight with them or make alliances.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Free Craft

Unique Island

The gameplay starts when you land on an island with other crash survivors. You have to explore its natural places like tropical rain forests, swamps, beaches, volcanoes, and more to collect valuable items to help in survival. It would help if you also built a shelter to store food and protect yourself from heavy rain and other obstacles.

It would help if you also dealt with artificial objects like underground ruins, abandoned temples, old ships, etc. Moreover, you also have to fight with zombies and other militias who want to kill you.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Free Shopping

Craft and Build Weapons, Houses, and More

In LOST in Blue, the island is filled with various valuable items you can collect to build your camp and craft multiple weapons and tools to protect yourselves from other militias, zombies, and wild animals. Your base must have all the facilities, like a sensory tower, arrow tower, and more, to defend itself against invasion.

It also needs to have survival facilities, which include vegetable fields where you can plant seeds to grow crops and workbenches where you can craft tools for hunting and gathering.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Obb Download

Compete with Others

It’s an ultimate survival game where you only and the essential aim to survive till the very end. But other survivors on the island may choose to battle with you.

So you have to compete with others to defend your resources and get ahead in the game.

4.5/5 (4 votes)

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Lost in blue mod unlimited money
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