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Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK v1.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Papa's Pastaria To Go! MOD APK is a simulation game where you're the chef in charge of a restaurant and perform duties like taking orders, cooking, and serving customers.

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App Name Papa's Pastaria To Go!
Size 33M
Latest Version 1.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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About Papa’s Pastaria To Go!

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! is a popular simulation game with more than a million downloads. The gameplay starts in the town of Portallini, where you must attend Little Edoardo and Olga’s wedding on the waterfront.

But finding a hotel room for challenging, so you have booked the only one available at Papa’s Pastaria, and that also makes you the man in charge. So you have to do all the tasks like taking orders, cooking food and serving them on the plate to the customers.

The only and the most popular food at your restaurant is pasta, so you have to serve it with shakers and toppings and finish the meal with fresh-baked bread. You have to do more seasonal dishes during the holidays and other seasons.

You are the pasta chef and can cook whichever pasta you want. You also have unlimited tips, so you will always have money and resources to cook great food. You also have many new Daily Specials meals which you can serve.

Papas Pastaria To Go APK MOD

You have to set up your fantastic brand-new pasta shop in the Papa Louie universe, and with all the personalized controls designed for touchscreens, you will be unstoppable. You have to multi-task to handle multiple tasks like cooking, applying toppings, etc.

There are more than twelve unique holidays where you can serve over forty new recipes to your customers. You can complete tasks and missions to earn more than ninety stickers and rewards. These stickers can be used for getting outfits for your employees and customers.

You have to serve over one hundred and thirty customers, each with unique tastes, needs, budget, and more than eighty-five unique ingredients to cook food. We have also provided you with unlimited money and many more unlocked features for free. So download its latest version now.

Serve New Dishes on Holidays

You can celebrate the holidays in Portallini in Papa’s Pastaria To Go! MOD APK with many new flavors and unique seasonal ingredients in pasta. During holidays, you can access many new pasta flavors, toppings, shakers, noodles, sauces, and more.

You can use different ingredients to create a brand new daily special pasta. You can also serve your customers with many unique recipes and get extra tips if they like them. Surprise them with your Daily Special and earn a bonus or a prize.

Papas Pastaria To Go Unlimited Money

Organize Your Staff

Having a great staff in Papa’s Pastaria To Go! is essential as they interact with the customers. You can create and customize your characters to work in the restaurant and dress them up with the best holiday season outfits and clothing. You can have unique color combinations for each clothing item and create your style.

Customers have to travel to Portallini for their orders, but now, you can hire a driver and deliver their orders directly to the comfort of their homes.

Collect Stickers and Decorate Your Restaurant

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! It provides you with hundreds of quests and tasks which you can complete to get colorful stickers and huge rewards. Each customer in your restaurant has three favorite stickers, and you have to satisfy them to earn all three, and then you get an outfit to give to your customer.

During the holidays, you have to customize the shop with many decorations and themed furniture to make it look attractive and impress the customers. You have to find matching food and design styles to get the most attention from your customers.

Papas Pastaria To Go APK Free Download

Coupons and Mini-Games

You have a mailman named Vincent with whom you can send discount coupons to your customers and invite them back to your restaurant. Coupons will attract more customers as they will keep coming back and which helps complete your quests and challenges.

You also have to play mini-games that reward you with points, and you can use those to get new outfits for your staff, furniture for your lobby, and much more.

Credits: Flipline Studios (Owner & Publisher).

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