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The Bonfire 2 MOD APK v189.0.5 (Menu/God Mode, Unlocked)

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK (God Mode) is a city-building game where you have to design and manage your city and workers to make it as beautiful as possible.

Download (169M)
App Name The Bonfire 2
Size 169M
Latest Version 189.0.5
MOD Info God Mode
Google Play ID com.xigmaGames.thebonfire2

  • One hit kill
  • God mode
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlocked full game

About The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores

The Bonfire 2 is a popular casual game with more than a million downloads. It’s city building game where you design your city and make specific customizations to make it look more appealing. You can play it in your desired language, like English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, and much more. It’s the second part of the viral The Bonfire forsaken land game which has crossed millions of players globally.

We have provided the full game version where you can access all the mod menu features, so the gameplay becomes much more fun and enjoyable. You have to prepare the design of your dream city and effectively use your resources and plan with workers to build it. You have unlimited resources to create towns of any design you want.

You can play in many gameplay modes; the God mode is the most popular one. The city is based near a sea shore, so you must use your ships to explore new cities and trade with them. You have to deal with workers who have unique personalities. You also have to find mysterious dungeons to get hidden rewards.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK

You have the free build feature to build as many buildings as you want but place them strategically as they are vital for management and effective use of some resources. You must create a powerful city and use magical artifacts to fight evil forces and beat them. You also have to decorate your city to make it look more attractive.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK Full Version

We have also provided you with the mod menu and much more features in it for free. So download its latest version now.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK MOD Menu

Build Your City

If you ever dreamt of building your city, The Bonfire 2 MOD APK is here to full fill your dream. You must prepare an outline and design of your city and gather resources to craft Useful Items and other things to get the work done. You will also need to deal with the results for effective human resource management.

Start preparing your city layouts and place all the necessary buildings, as their position is vital for the better utilization of your resources. You can also visit other players’ cities and take inspiration from them to implement those changes in yours.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK Free Build

Explore More Cities and Face Survival Challenge

While you design and give life to your city in Bonfire 2, there are many threats that you must look out for to defend your city. Many monsters like spiders, wolves, chupacabra, and more attack your city at night. You also have to guard against Tribal enemies.

The game provides you with a world map of the location of many cities, which you must carefully study and observe. Then take your ships to these new cities to trade or loot them.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK God Mode

Amazing Characters

Your city in the Bonfire 2 has many people living in it, and you have to make the best use of your abilities to grow at an astonishing rate. Each character has unique skills, personality, strength, agility, and more. You can also upgrade them to improve their skills and make them more valuable to yourself.

You can also equip your characters with many weapons and armor you craft in your inventory.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK Latest Version

Gameplay Modes

The Bonfire 2 provides many gameplay modes, but the dungeon mode is the most famous one. You have to explore different dungeons in it to gather rare resources. When you study it deep enough, you will know its mysteries and get help.

The Bonfire 2 MOD APK Unlimited Resources Full Version

Credits: FredBear Games Ltd. (Owner & Publisher).

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4.7/5 (65 votes)

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