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The Room APK MOD 1.09 (Full Unlocked) Download

The Room APK MOD (Full Unlocked) is a puzzle-solving game filled with mysterious 3D puzzles you have to solve to win rewards.

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App Name The Room
Size 366M
Latest Version 1.09
MOD Info Full Unlocked
Google Play ID com.FireproofStudios.TheRoom

  • Full Unlocked
  • Full Games

  • updates for wide screens

About The Room

The Room is a famous puzzles solving game which has reached the hearts of more than a million players. It provides you with an open 3D world filled with mysterious puzzles which you can solve to get unique rewards. You will have a lot of full playing it, more than any other puzzle game. The music and sound effects used are also high quality and produce a very stimulating effect.

There are plenty of mysteries and secrets that you have to unleash and have pleasure in. You get the most realistic puzzle objects in it than in any other mobile game. The gameplay starts when you meet an old friend who has hidden research, and you are the only person he can trust with it. He tells you about his house.

The Room MOD APK

He says his sturdy Room is in the highest space, and you have to get there to gather all of his research papers. Once you get there, there’s no going back, but there are plenty of puzzles you have to solve before having those papers in your hands. You will get better and more authentic-looking graphics than in any puzzle game ever created.

There are many mysteries in it which come at different levels, so you have to get through them all. The controls are also straightforward to use, and you can use just your single finger to control and navigate in its 3D-designed world. The storylines are also pretty amazing as you can even discover the Room’s secrets before visiting and knowing the actual game is on.

The Room MOD APK Hack

You can even sense your childhood once you enter the Room and unlock its secrets. There are many levels to puzzles, and the higher you complete, the more rewards you will get. Many new puzzles are also being added to it. We have also provided full unlocked features and many more for free. So download The Room MOD APK Latest version now.

Amazing Puzzles

You get hundreds of unique puzzles in The Room, which is also filled with mysteries. You will need to be clever enough to complete these puzzles and win rewards. As you progress through them, there will be a lot of barriers and levels, but the higher position you reach, the more rewards you will reap. It also keeps on adding new puzzles so you will never be bored.

All the puzzles reside in the one study room, which is the highest in your friend’s house, and you will have the complete information about his research and the responsibility to keep it in safe hands.

The Room Full Unlocked APK

3D Worlds

The Room provides you with a completely new 3D world that you have never seen before. It has very realistic and natural-looking graphics and visuals with full games so you can have a lot of fun. You can choose and customize its graphics settings based on your device’s capabilities and performance.

Easy to Play Controls

The Room provides you with very east controls that can also be customized to meet your left/right-handed levels, size, position, sensitivity, etc. You have touch controls that allow you to play it, move your character, and solve puzzles with only one finger. You have to use them to explore its 3D world and find the Room.

When you finally reach the study room, which contains all the research and puzzles, you will discover an entirely new sense and structure of graphics.

The Room MOD APK Latest Version

Room Full of Mysteries

The most important part of the Room is your friend’s study room, which contains all his research, so the game is named after it. The entire game revolves around it as you have to explore it and uncover all its mysteries to help complete puzzles and get your hands on the research paper. But, when you have it in your hands, you still need to solve puzzles to know what’s in it.

So it’s a never-ending loop of puzzles and mysteries that you have to solve layer by layer, and that’s the most exciting part.

The Room MOD APK Free Download

Credits: Fireproof Games (Owner & Publisher).

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