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Where’s My Water? MOD APK v1.18.9 (All Levels Unlocked)

Where’s My Water? MOD APK (All Levels Unlocked) is a casual puzzle game where the water has stopped coming in swampy’s shower, and you have to help fix it.

Download (90M)
App Name Where's My Water?
Size 90M
Latest Version 1.18.9
MOD Info All Levels Unlocked
Google Play ID com.disney.WMW

  • All Levels unlocked
  • All Episodes
  • Unlimited keys
  • Power-Ups

About Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? It is a popular casual and puzzle game with more than a million downloads. Swampy is very frustrated as his shower has been broken, and the water is not coming. So you have to help him get access to water to take a shower. You have to play in tens of levels; each one is a challenging puzzle where you have to use your brain. We have provided all levels unlocked so you can enjoy the game.

But providing water through a shower to swampy is not enough as he may get dirty water, toxic water, steam, ooze, and much more. So you must deal with all the challenging scenarios and ensure Swampy gets access to fresh water. But wait a minute, swampy isn’t the only one with the water problem.

You will observe water in various forms and need to use your creativity to solve puzzles. You have to play through many unique water crisis stories with different characters like Mystery Duck, Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and much more. We have provided all episodes, which count to more than five hundred unique puzzles to solve.

Wheres My Water MOD APK

In the full version, we have provided you with all the challenges and bonus levels where you can also collect items made especially for your loved characters. Each character has a unique story, and you have to deal with it. You also have a lot of special Power-Ups which you can use. We have also provided you with unlimited keys and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Help Swampy to Get Water

Swampy is an alligator who lives in the sewers beneath the cities but isn’t dangerous. Indeed, he is friendly and takes a shower everydayness after work. But today he is furious as his shower has been broken and the water is not coming from it. You have to help Swamy get water and be able to take a shower.

The trouble is not only that his shower is broken but also a problem with the pipes.

Wheres My Water MOD APK All Levels Unlocked

Help Allie

Allie is also an alligator in Where’s My Water? MOD APK but a unique one and also very creative. She is a star and has a quirky spirit which has turned her into a lead. She also lives in the sewer and loves to play music as gators have created fantastic musical instruments, which you will love as she plays them.

But she will play it only when you provide her with water. You can also enjoy listening to her classic Disney tunes.

Help Cranky

Cranky is a nightmare for even every gator as he is a gator who will eat anything. So you have to help him get his water back in time. He will eat everything that comes his way, like tires, fish bones, and more.

But he refuses to eat his food, so you will need to give him the dirty purple water to clean the algae on his plate so he can gobble. Up his food.

Wheres My Water MOD APK Full Version

Help Mystery Duck

Now, you have heard enough about the different gators in the sewers underneath the city. Now it’s time to know about a mystery duck teleporting from one place to another. The duck is in a particular chapter, and you have to find her with accurate timing.

You will find not just one but plenty of other ducks, including the megaduck and many cute little ducklings.

Credits: Disney (Owner & Publisher).

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