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Cover Hunter MOD APK v1.8.48 (Unlimited Money, God Mode, One Hit, Ammo)

Cover Hunter MOD APK is an action shooter game where you must explore multiple maps and arm yourselves with over twenty unique weapons like Desert Eagle, AK47, and more to take down enemies and win the game.

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App Name Cover Hunter
Size 64M
Latest Version 1.8.48
MOD Info Unlimited Money, God Mode, One Hit, Ammo
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About Cover Hunter – 3v3 Team Battle

Cover Hunter is a 3d FPS online shooting game with a massive fan base of millions of daily active players that keeps growing rapidly. You must create your team of three players and compete with other groups on various battlegrounds to win. You also have the dumb enemy mode, so your win is assured.

It offers exceptionally smooth and easy-to-use controls through which you can easily aim and fire at your foes and secure a perfect victory. The game keeps adding new maps, weapons, and modes to make your journey more challenging and enjoyable as you win more rewards.

Cover Hunter MOD APK

In this incredible action game, you and your two teammates have to face down terrorists and engage in epic fights to save the world from their terror and evil intentions. To do this, you have been provided with a large arsenal of weapons and armor which can one hit kill those terrorists.

We have also provided you with many more mods, like unlimited money, to make your gameplay more accessible and enjoyable. So download the Cover Hunter MOD APK latest version now.

20+ Powerful Weapons to Fight Enemies

Cover hunter provides you with a vast arsenal of powerful and modern weapons, which includes assault rifles like AK-47, M4-A1, and M4-16, snipers and machine guns like AWP and GATLIN, and even pistols like Deserted Eagles, Beretta and more.

Moreover, you can also upgrade these weapons to improve their firing range, damage, loading capacity, and more. You also can use various skins of these guns to give your avatar a killer and professional look and sacred your foes from far away.

Cover Hunter MOD APK Unlimited Diamond

Realistic Graphics

Cover Hunter provides realistic 3d graphics that don’t require a massive chunk of your phone’s processing power. You can adjust the graphics settings to the best possible level available on your phone. Along with first-class graphics, you also have a variety of very cool animations.

Compared to Call of Duty, Apex Legends, BGMI, Free-Fire, and another battle royal action and shooter games, its graphics occupy a very high position despite occupying comparatively less storage.

Play on Many Maps

There is no shortage of maps in Cover hunter, and all of them are uniquely designed to bring out your true shooting potential by adding many challenging landscapes and other activities. Each map requires us to use our brains and apply the best tactics to use its physical features to our advantage in battles and beat our foes.

Cover Hunter MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Moreover, you can visit many exciting locations to find proper supplies, rewards, and more. Every map also has its own unique set of missions and challenges, providing tremendous rewards. You also have the god mode, where you can accomplish tasks back to back and win huge prizes.

Easy-to-Use and Customizable Controls

Cover Hunter provides excellent controls that can be easily customized in settings. Since it’s an FPS shooter game, you need to have a fantastic grip on your rules, as even a slight miscalculation and delay will lead to you getting shot and losing the match.

To secure your win and achieve your highest level, you must go to settings and customize the placement of control buttons on the screen, their size, and sensitivity.

Cover Hunter MOD APK Download

Optimization and Offline Play

Cover Hunter is highly optimized, so it works well on even low-end devices with significantly less drop in frame rates, resolution, and overall gaming experience. You can customize its performance in settings based on your device’s specs and see the magic unfolding before your eyes.

It’s an online game, but it also offers an offline mode/practice mode where you can practice using various guns to ensure you are going to rock it when the time comes!

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