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Exile Survival MOD APK v0.56.1.3197 (God Mode, Unlimited XP)

Exile Survival MOD APK is an action RPG game where your only aim is to survive, and it has the themes of the middle ages and the story of an ancient civilization.

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App Name Exile Survival
Size 278M
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MOD Info God Mode, Unlimited XP
Google Play ID com.pgstudio.exile.survival

  • God Mode
  • One Hit
  • Unlimited XP

About Exile Survival

Exile Survival is a popular action game with more than a million downloads. It’s a survival game, with the only going being survival. The gameplay starts with the theme of the middle ages and the story of the Great Ancient Civilization, which once ruled the world and reached its highest development point but could not contain it.

But it also provides you with multiplayer RPG open-world gameplay. The story begins as global warming slowly but steadily heats the world, turns it into a desert, and destroys the ancient and international heritage of older civilizations. These civilizations had developed technologies to get unlimited resources to survive, but now it is all lost.

Exile Survival MOD APK

The gameplay starts with your character being the only surviving barbarian found in the middle of a wild desert with no food, weapons, clothes, or shelter to protect himself from the threats in the desert. We have provided you with free shopping to get all the essential resources and items you need to survive. You have to fight like hell, as you will be dead.

You can also use the free craft feature to craft valuable items and weapons from your resources and increase your odds of survival. You can swipe up/down on the menu to access all the unlocked features of the game and make the gameplay easier. You can also play in different gameplay modes; the most popular one is the god mode.

We have also provided you with unlimited energy and much more for free. So download its latest version now.

Exile Survival MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Create Buildings and Your Barbarian

You have to build valuable buildings in Exile Survival MOD APK, which includes a shelter where you can store your weapons, food, and other resources to protect them and yourself from enemies and animals. You can construct your house in such a way as to use it as a safe to store all your belongings.

You can play in the survival mode, customize your skin color, hairstyle, and hair color, make tattoos on the skin with unique patterns, and more. You can also give your character a stage name and start your survival journey. All these personalizations will help your character to stand out from the crowd and present itself.

Exile Survival MOD APK Blackmod

Explore the Desert

As you are in the desert in Exile survival, you must uncover many mysteries to know its true secrets. The deserts are filled with challenges and obstacles, like terrifying scorpions, terrifying tigers, cannibal giants, predatory hyenas, and much more. To face them, you need weapons and treat your character with essential resources, food, medicine, and drinks.

You will need to arm your character with powerful weapons as there are many enemies and animals around him. You can also hunt down those animals for healthy food and warm clothes to survive at night.

Exile Survival MOD APK Unlimited Energy

Complete Tasks and Collect Resources

The desert in exile survival is vast and dangerous and filled with nothing but ruins. So you will need to search harder to find all the essential supplies, or you won’t last a day without them. You will have to pick berries, plants, unique stones, and special crystals in the apocalypse world.

As you move to the deep desert in the game, you can participate in completing various tasks and quests to improve your survival and fighting skills. There are many merchants in the game from whom you can take multiple tasks and win bonuses and awards. When you complete the studies by the merchants, they will tell you about various stories, legends, and new territories.

Fight Till the Very End

Your character is a barbarian with only one goal of survival and needs enough water, food & sleep to do so. But if you fail to provide it with all the essential resources to survive, your character will die, and the game will be over for you.

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